Llevarse un pedacito de paz en cada Ser, es lo que propone Oasis Bookstore & Kaffe. La transparencia de los ratos libres es esencialmente importante de cómo se emplean. Fortunately, for some the ideal escape is to drink a tea, to taste the good coffee accompanying it with an instructive and fun reading.


In the midst of - Illicit Tertulias -, the idea of ​​finding a place like the literary-artistic oasis is born where writers, painters, and musicians freely exhibit their gifts. The feverish conversation of the group attracted several personalities from the Miami artistic and intellectual environment such as Amaury González Reyes, Juan Felipe Benemelis, Orlando Urdaneta, Floyd Heglichs, Alma Andrea, El Pible, Maite Rivero, Jordi Llunas and others.


Además, en Oasis Bookstore & Kaffe podrán recordar al inolvidable humorista Guillermo Álvarez Guedes in a space that, with much love has been created for his work, and including the typewriter with which he wrote his only novel Cadillac 59.

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